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Today's Feedback, Tomorrow's Results

Bringing Feedback Full Circle with Customer Engagement, Consulting, and Coaching

What We Do

Review Site Management

Business Meeting

AffectPoint addresses the challenge organizations face as they seek to engage with and coordinate their interactions across online review sites, business listing sites, and social media. The volume of customer input on these sites continues to grow rapidly, and AffectPoint provides full review facilitation. We capture the review and write a customized response that thanks the customer and addresses their positive and negative feedback. This facilitates a final positive impression on the customer, but we believe that there is even more to be gained from each review.

Customers Affect...

  • 93% of customers say online reviews affect their purchasing decisions

  • Customers are willing to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews

  • 94% say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business

  • 4 out of 5 consumers have changed their minds about a recommended purchase after reading negative online reviews

  • 89% of consumers read businesses' responses to reviews

We take the next step and analyze the content of each review. Each positive and negative is noted and turned into numerical data, which is compiled across all review sites and used to discover business strengths and weaknesses.

We provide relational accountability and follow-up for organization leaders. The data compiled from customer reviews is turned back into actionable feedback, and we connect leaders at all organizational levels to share this. Top management gains the opportunity to understand each level of their organization better, and lower management levels have the opportunity to engage with their higher-ups to receive support and solutions. Our coaching approach is personal, and our mission is to challenge and inspire leaders to achieve their goals and exceed their aspirations.

Leadership Affects...


We focus our initial efforts on establishing a leader's Foundation Point. The Foundation Point is a leader's baseline that guides every activity.  It should be simple, but comprehensive of both work and personal, and provide a foundation to measure every decision, activity, engagement, and time request. AffectPoint then focuses on Six Organizational Seasons: Start Up, Momentum, Internal Adjustment, External Adjustment, Adaptation, and Growth.

We work with leaders to identify their current season and aid them in their progression into the next stage of their organization’s growth.

Purpose and Values

Embrace People as the Reason for Doing All Things

Working Together


We are determined to forever focus AffecPoint on people. In a modern world filled with so many wonderful tools and technologies, the connection with people is often lost. All the tools in the world, however, cannot replace the importance of interactions among leadership, employees, and customers. There is something to be learned from people at each level in an organization, and we strive to bring people back into each conversation and decision made within our company and the organizations we serve.


While financial success and profits may be good indicators of business growth, we do not believe they tell the full story. No metrics such as these, politics, or any other factors will be placed ahead of our servitude to people. Our gauge for success within our company and the organizations we serve is the engagement of our customers and our service towards each other.

Giving a Presentation
Touchscreen Computer


We focus on building the skill set and capabilities to serve through our employees and via the customer relationships that we help develop. We care for the needs of our employees and develop them as future leaders with each of our decisions and actions. Additionally, we strengthen our customer’s organizations by providing exceptional input and coaching based on the feedback of their customers.


Among our goals as a business, making a name for ourselves or the business will never be found. Instead, we choose to put our energy into ensuring our customers and employees are cared for and strengthened with every opportunity.

Girl Reading
Standing Meeting


We are committed to obtaining the right answer for each decision and action. To do this, we earnestly seek the honest input of our employees, advisers, and customers. We also resolve to act only by what is consistent with our focus on people.

Getting Coffee

More About AffectPoint

The AffectPoint team holds over thirty years of experience in customer engagement and service. This background includes all levels of service, from the lower levels of the service industry to executive-level leadership positions in Fortune & Global 500 companies which carried over $200M in profit and loss responsibility and the leadership of over 800 employees and 195,000 customers.

We have been responsible for strategic development and direction within those large organizations. Our emphasis is on protecting, solidifying, and expanding existing revenue streams through enhanced customer relationships. Our experience includes operations, customer service, sales leadership, and financial management.

AffectPoint also has significant experience in leadership development, vision creation and execution, and team development capabilities through personal and ongoing mentorship. We specialize in helping businesses in the hospitality industry. We are Prosci™ Change Management certified, furthering a strong ability to lead the people side of change.

Our clients have included hotels in the Wyndham, RHG, Choice, Mariott, IHG, and Best Western, networks. We specialize in the hotel and resort industry and have also worked with small businesses and restaurants on both a local and a chain scale.

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